Allora Packaging Systems Private Label Service Programs


Does your business lack great packaging equipment service representation on the West
Coast? Are you consistently flying technicians to the Los Angeles area losing your best resources
for days at a time? Do your clients experience long delays for a technician responding to their
service needs? If so, we can help save you the headache, the expense and money.

Allora Packaging Systems Private Label Service Programs are specifically tailored to fit
your needs. We are local to Los Angeles, with over 33 years combined packaging equipment
service, and are typically onsite within 24hrs of receiving your call.

Count on guaranteed safety and security with Allora Packaging Systems. We will not
solicit your customers, nor will we promote outside products to your customers unless directed
by you. We will also provide valuable feedback of your customers’ interactions. Is your
customer needing another machine? Are they speaking with your competitor? We understand
the importance of this type of feedback.

As stated, these programs are designed to work within your needs. We can:

• Go in as 3rd Party, Allora, and bill directly
• Have branded shirts representing your organization
• Go in without any branding using your service forms
• Use your letter head for billing purposes
• We collaborate to invest in Factory Training

Best of all, you choose how the program is tailored for you, Allora Packaging Systems is
here to help.

Currently serving Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. What we dubbed our tri-
state area.

Allora Packaging Systems is Licensed and Insured. All our service efforts come with a 30-
Day Labor Warranty. Parts warranty is driven by the manufacturer.

Connect with us today for a better, faster, more cost-effective way to support your
customers’ packaging equipment service needs.

Ready for a true partnership…

Call us now- 840-977-8260

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